What to do in Silom

Silom is one of Bangkok’s most cosmopolitan streets, bustling with activity both day and night. You may see a crowd of people on the way to work in the daytime among skyscrapers, shopping malls, a beautiful park, and exotic street food. When the night falls, the streets are full of the true colors of the nightlife scene, like clubs and bars for both dance and chill vibes, and the night market with everything in one place. Let’s discover what to do in Silom and see what’s waiting for you.

When we mention Silom, it is not just the business meeting point and intersection, but one of the sights in Silom that you should not miss to go for a relaxing walk is Lumpini Park, the first public park in Bangkok with the greatest share of green space at the center of the capital, and it spreads out over 500,000 sq m. Nowadays, both Bangkokians and tourists come here for light exercise, jogging, aerobics, or simply walking around from dawn to dusk. Moreover, you can find a bunch of things to do here aside from a normal workout, like playgrounds, swan pedal boats, and outdoor sports. It is the perfect place for all ages and genders to keep healthy and breathe some fresh air in the city, and here are the rest and washrooms after sweating. It is also a great spot to take pictures with anyone you go with.

Silom Edge

After that, we would like to invite you to see the civilization of the town, like Silom Edge, the old mall, under the concept of “the new sandbox community in the CBD.” It was renovated into a food center with many well-known restaurants, including fast food, a Thai buffet, Japanese noodles, ice cream, cake, a bakery, and more. It is a new lifestyle mall that has nine floors and connects directly to the BTS and MRT skywalks. You can find more activities and things you need here, such as fashion products, pharmacies, holistic wellness centers, and beauty clinics. That is not all, because the highlight of this place is the 9th floor, the rooftop outdoor and indoor space for hanging out to see the panoramic view of this city, and also 24-hour eats on the G floor for everyone who is starving at the end of the night.

Next, Silom Complex (the only main Silom Bangkok shopping mall selling well-known fashion brands on Silom Road in the modern office building), Thaniya (a golf equipment and accessory retail center), Silom Village or Silom Trade Center (a shopping spot of Thai handicrafts and folk crafts, including Thai cuisine with a Thai dance show), and Montien Mall (one of the major tour attractions and shopping malls in a traditional Thai building design) are popular shopping malls to visit if you enjoy walking the mall to find something to fill your stomach and grab something with your hand before heading back. However, if you prefer something more straightforward, unremarkable, and want to buy some groceries, Villa Market is a store located on this road that has everything you require. Although it is small, it is quite a lovely place and feels like home.

Anyway, there are many open-air day markets that you should visit, such as Soi Lalai Sap or Lalai Sub Market, a hidden bazaar mixed with a market style full of stalls and sidewalk vendors, as well as mini malls and a plethora of restaurants where you can eat, live, and shop like a local during the day. There are a ton of mouth-watering street food (green papaya salad, fried beef with sticky rice, fried fish-paste balls) and Thai desserts (Thai fried peanut cookie, Thai coconut pancake) that you will never be disappointed in if you give them a try, and you can find some cheap and sale clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. Anyway, there are a lot of people from their offices taking their lunch break in this alley because the street is quite narrow and small with limited parking lots, so we recommend going there before or after 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

To stop your hunger, there are many restaurants that we would like to recommend for sure, including Kha Mu Charoensang Silom (Cooked pork hock, pork stew and Chinese pork in Thai cuisine), Ramen Tei (Japanese noodle dish), Indigo (French restaurant with the extensive menu in its original style), Aoi’s Silom (Japanese restaurant with high standard for both ingredients and services), Yong He Dou Jiang (Chinese and Taiwanese restaurant with the real traditional taste over 20 years), 25 Degrees Bangkok (special burger dishes and American fast food), Thai Niyom Cuisine (intense Thai food in the middle of skyscrapers on this road).

The Silom Night Market, one of the most popular shopping spots where you can find Thai souvenir stuff like Thai boxing shorts, silk scarves, oil painting pictures, key rings, sculptures, t-shirts, and traditional and chic bags, is very chaotic for people after work and also tourists. While you enjoy your shopping hours, you can buy something yummy to eat, such as rice and curry, grilled and steamed seafood, a stir-fried rice noodle dish, and more. When you walk down a little bit, you will meet the Patpong Night Market, a lively market like another one. Moreover, both markets are the red-light district in this area, or an entertainment place for adults, as you can enjoy the shows at go-go bars, but you can also chill out and stay with your favorite drink in the clubs with a live band, depending on your taste.

End the night with somewhere to pass the time before bed, such as lounges and pubs, since this street is so focused on this topic. Craft (Silom), a small brew pub in the heart of Silom, offers 20 craft beers and more than 70 bottled premium craft beers from all of Southeast Asia’s major craft beer importers. We recommend going if cool beer is your favorite and best friend forever. Next, the Maggie Choo’s must be on the list if you love to let your feelings go with food and drinks, along with daily performances by live bands. It is underground mystery place in ancient Shanghai-style theme to upgrade your night out experience to another level. Let’s take a deep breath with the stunning and expansive city view at last minute with Sky Bar, the rooftop restaurant and bar at Lebua Bangkok (Lebua at State Tower). There is a diversity of premium food and beverages guaranteed with two-Michelin-star cuisine, and it is perfect to leave the crowd, noise, and traffic as a world-class dining destination. We promise you will love coming back again.

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As you can see, you can spend both day and night on the Silom Road every day, and you can get here best by BTS sky train at Sala Daeng station or MRT underground metro to Lumpini station as the nearest public ways because the traffic jam on this road is heavily congested. We promise you will have a unique experience that you will never forget this lively road in Bangkok.


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