Why Choose SIM cards in Thailand

You may be wondering how to connect your phone to the internet in Thailand to ensure that your trip runs smoothly while still being able to communicate with people.

We recommend you buy Thai SIM cards as it will help you save a lot of pocket money from expensive roaming charges, and here are the reasons for choosing SIM cards in Thailand that will be a helpful hint for you. 


This post will tell you why you need to choose SIM card in Thailand. If you want to buy it, we recommend that you check out How to buy internet in Thailand.
Internet in Thailand

High-Speed Internet Service with 4G & 5G 

Now, Thai mobile service providers offer you a high-speed internet experience with 4G and 5G networks that will allow your connection with society to be faster and smoother.

4G always works well all over the country, which allows easy access to anywhere, not just in major cities but also in the islands, the plains, and even local villages.

It gives a better signal and five times faster internet speed. However, if you prefer more advanced technology, 5G is unquestionably the better option because it offers significantly faster speeds than 4G—around 20 times faster.

Thai prepaid SIM card

Very Easy to Get a SIM Card and Top Up

For the first option, it is simple to obtain a Thai prepaid SIM card by ordering them online and selecting the airports to pick them up for greater convenience, or you can purchase them at the airports by purchasing at service provider counters or kiosks.

Moreover, you can head to any local shopping malls, some transport stations, and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Family Marts, Lotus Express, and more near you, and you need to use your passport to register.

If your credit balances or days are almost empty, you can top up your credit at these stores as well.

The prices start from 49 to 1,250 baht (estimated).


Anyway, if you are worried about swapping your SIM card, you can use eSIM.
There are a few steps for buying an e-sim card for Thailand.You will receive a code on your phone and then follow the instructions, enter the code, and change the settings so that you can connect to a local network in Thailand.
This is available for all software, but you need to check whether your device is compatible with it or not.If you have any questions, we recommend that you ask the staff of the network operators. 
Data Plans Thailand

A Lot of Featured and Data Plans 

It is not exaggerating to say that there are a ton of featured and data plans for both calling and internet. That actually work best for you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with attractive promotions and discounts from the three huge mobile telecommunication operators: AIS, DTAC, and TrueMove H.

The starter package are about 49 baht with limited social apps and unlimited calls in the same network, which is perfect for short stays.

For long-term use, we recommend a half-month or monthly promotion over 599 baht to access the non-stop internet.

The service costs are 2 baht per SMS, 5 baht per MMS, 1 baht per minute for calls, 1 baht per minute for data, and 1 baht per minute for Wi-Fi, depending on the conditions of each cell service operator.

Airnet Tip

You can search on the website of these mobile network providers to find out which kind of SIM and packagesuit you best. Anyway, do not forget to unlock your phone before boarding in case you would like to use these local SIM cards. Let’s get prepared and enjoy your stay with the internet anywhere you go. 


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